R&D Program

The main objective is to prepare the ground for developing large-scale facilities for zero emission electric power using coal as a feedstock. Options for hydrogen production as well as for production of synthetic fuels, and provisions for heat integration with surrounding industries will be investigated too. In this endeavour CO2 capture and permanent storage - including use for enhanced oil or gas recovery (EOR or EGR) - constitute an inherent and decisive prerequisite.

Therefore COACH represents an important step in the development of a strong partnership between Europe and China in the domain of power production without leaving apart the important aspect of the societal anchorage of the CO2 capture and storage issue, including legal, regulatory, funding and economic aspects, and public acceptance.   >>>


COACH : COoperation Action within CCS CHina-EU

The COACH project aims at establishing broad cooperation between China and the EU in the field of CCS (CO2 Capture and Storage). It will prepare the ground for implementation in China of large-scale polygeneration energy facilities with options for coal based electric power generation as well as production of hydrogen and synthetic fuels.   >>>

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